Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

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Do you have a marketing department? Do you have a plan for marketing your company? Palo Alto Software did a study comparing companies who did create a business plan verses companies that did not. The final conclusion was that companies with completed business plans were nearly twice as successful in growing their business!

Companies with completed business plans were nearly twice as successful in growing their business!

If you do not have a marketing department, then chances are you do not have a business development plan in place. Marketing and sales should be the driving force in your business. You may have great word of mouth, but that can only take you so far until it starts to dry up. So then, what do you do now to mitigate that potential risk? Get a marketing department? Hiring people may not be feasible right now for your business. We suggest outsourcing to a marketing company!

Reasons to outsource your marketing:

  • Eliminates Overhead – more staff means more space, increase in energy bills, hardware and software, and other costs that decrease your profitability.
  • Reduces Insurance Costs – it’s no suprise. Insurance these days is costly and annoying. Outsourcing eliminates dealing with that headache.
  • Cost Control – If you are paying someone an hourly rate, they typically will take their time. PLUS, you will be paying for the services that they cannot do. Outsourcing to a marketing firm takes you from hourly, to cost per project. You can know exactly what you are paying up front.
  • More Creativity and Insights – marketing firms are not just marketing one industry. They are working in a variety of industries. They can bring similar ideas that have worked from other companies to yours to help you reach more people.

So class… what have we learned? First, marketing is essential to your business. Second, outsourcing your marketing can save you time and money. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. If you want to use my company, then contact us today!