Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

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Do you have a marketing department? Do you have a plan for marketing your company? Palo Alto Software did a study comparing companies who did create a business plan verses companies that did not. The final conclusion was that companies with completed business plans were nearly twice as successful in growing their business! Companies with completed business plans were nearly … Read More

2017 Business Planning… Are You Behind the Eight Ball?

So we are just about to enter November and now is the time every year that I suggest you be considering putting together your business development plan for 2017. REALLY I suggest that you start talking business dev planning in September, and have the plan in place for November. Why is business development planning so important? Simple… here are some … Read More

Decreasing Your Website Bounce Rate

  If you have not heard yet (which I am sure you have) “content” is going to be the king of every marketing conversation in 2016. You will hear that countless times.  The reason why it is so important is that information needs to be quick and readily accessible or consumers will completely bypass you.  Your bounce rate is an … Read More

What I Learned From the Host at IHOP

I have been in customer service for one reason or another for a long time.  I have learned how to come off in a smooth way to keep customer engagement.  However, as I went to my breakfast meeting the other day in Philadelphia, the host at IHOP took me to school. “Good morning gentlemen, and may I thank you for … Read More

Are you prepared for 2016?

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Questions to ask yourself: What is my budget for 2016? What sales and marketing efforts am I going to focus on? Am I making any major brand changes? These are just 3 questions.  However, there really are more questions to ask.  If the above three cannot be answered then you are not ahead of the game.  Most small to mid-sized … Read More

The Final Details

“Kevin was really easy to work with and stayed in great communication by both email and phone throughout the process.  He is very efficient in what he does and therefore completed my project before his promised date.  The website is better than I expected it to be and within a few days of launching it I was receiving email leads … Read More

Atlantic Insurance

“We had some issues while the site was going live.  However, Kevin jumped right on the issues and helped us resolve everything.  Also, our site has already been getting hits and it never has before.  We would recommend working with Kevin on a website.” Bob Loser – Atlantic Insurance

ServiceMaster of the Shore Area

“GBD has been managing my social media for two years now.  What I love is that they take the time to find local information that helps not only our clients and fans stay up to date, but also helps us to know where to focus our attention and time during heavy bouts of weather.”  – Bryan Gardella, ServiceMaster of the Shore … Read More

LinkedIn is different from the other social media platforms.

Different social media platforms are to accomplish different tasks.  For example, facebook is about personal connection.  It is more about fun and for a business it is connecting with fans and customers.  People want to be inspired or laugh on facebook and the second you bring business into it you will be ignored. Twitter is a little less personal and … Read More

Is there such thing as bad SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is what makes a website work.  Without it, you may as well not be online.  The web is a tricky place, and google changes their operating algorithm on a regular basis.  What that means is that you need to constantly be studying whatever google puts out to ensure your site will not be negatively affected. What can … Read More