Are you prepared for 2016?

south jersey marketing consulting

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my budget for 2016?
  • What sales and marketing efforts am I going to focus on?
  • Am I making any major brand changes?

These are just 3 questions.  However, there really are more questions to ask.  If the above three cannot be answered then you are not ahead of the game.  Most small to mid-sized companies are reactionary in their marketing efforts.  Meaning, they are simply adding as they go.  When you do this without a plan or a budget set, your cash flow out is high and your ROI is low.

Contact GBD today and for only $500.00 I will meet with you to develop a plan and brand (if you dont have one) and provide you with a tactical marketing plan for 2016.  Also, a little secret… if you use me to do the work then I will absorb the $500.00 into the work we decide to do.